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Airius destratification systems - Considerable Energy Savings for Churches

Heating makes up the bulk of energy costs for the majority of churches and religious buildings. Problems with inadequate heating and insulation, together with high ceilings and rising energy costs makes this a key issue for most Church, Mosque and Synagogue communities.

Airius award winning destratification technology significantly reduces these heating costs, whilst increasing comfort levels for congregations by gently recirculating the heat which rises to the ceiling back down to the floor, keeping the heat where you need it and reducing heaing system running costs by 30% on average.


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Destratification systems are one of the most effective energy reduction technologies available on the market. Thermal destratification systems will eliminate thermal stratification and reduce the carbon footprint of any building.

Thermal stratification affects buildings of all sizes and types and will increase the energy consumption and costs for your company. Reduces heating costs by 20% to 50%, cooling costs by 20% to 40% and has many other benefits for your business.

Airius have revolutionised the industry with leading thermal destratification systems, which have helped balance the internal temperatures in many public and commercial buildings such as Siemens, Volkswagen, Morrisons, Gama Aviation and many more.

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